Motorcycles and scooters

Parking a motorcycle and where to find information about who needs to take training and where you can take it.


In controlled parking zones, you can park your motorcycle, scooter or moped free of charge in the following bays:

  • residential
  • shared use
  • pay by phone

See what the parking bay signs look like.

If you park in a pay by phone or shared-use bay, you must follow the maximum stay and no return rules. If not, you may get a penalty charge notice (parking ticket).

You should park at a right angle to the kerb at one end of the bay.

Training to ride a motorcycle or moped

See GOV.UK for information on who needs to take training to ride a motorcycle or moped.

Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) offer information on:

  • preparing for your compulsory basic training
  • approved training providers
  • TfL's free, practical training courses
  • insurance discount
  • how to ride in bus lanes
  • helmets and other protective clothing
  • the licence you need to ride a motorcycle

Go to TfL's website to find out more about training and riding a motorcycle.


Ridefree offer a free online course for moped and motorcycle riders to complete before taking their compulsory bike training.

See the Ridefree website to find out about the free training and register

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