After the death is registered

What to do after the death is registered, arranging the funeral, letting organisations know about the death and how to get bereavement support. 

Once you have registered the death, you can order a certificate.

Death registration certificates

You can order and pay for certificates at your appointment or order them online afterwards. You may be asked to make a payment online.

Pay now

Certificates cost £11, payable by debit or credit card. 

You can order as many certificates as you need. You can order certificates after the appointment on the registration certificates page

Tell Us Once

As part of the registration, the registrar will talk to you about the Tell Us Once service. This a government service, allowing you to tell most government departments and local councils about the death in one go. Find out more about Tell Us Once.

Bereavement support and arranging the funeral

There is help and support available for people dealing with bereavement, as well as help on how to arrange a funeral.

Find out more about bereavement support.

Contact the bereavement team