Enforcement options

Part of: Licensing enforcement

Options available after investigation

After investigation, if enforcement of conditions or rules is needed, the options are: 

  • speaking to the licensee 
  • written warnings 
  • cautioning the licensee where they have admitted the offences and taken action to end the problem 
  • prosecution 

We, together with the police, can prosecute licensees for failing to follow required and licence conditions. 

Responsible authorities can prosecute for the areas they deal with. 

The following is taken into account when considering what action to take:  

  • the seriousness of the offence 
  • the behaviour of the licensee 
  • the public interest 

Role of the antisocial behaviour (ASB) enforcement team

Our ASB enforcement officers look into serious complaints of antisocial behaviour and take appropriate action.  

Premises are rated for their risk. This means inspections are prioritised to those having the biggest impact on the community.  

Monitoring of premises also takes place. This is done on premises, or areas, known to be a current, or past, problem. 

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