Licensing enforcement

The 4 licensing objectives, responsible authorities, how we respond to licence concerns, underage alcohol sales.

Our enforcement approach to licensing

Licensed premises in Haringey play a key role in positively contributing to the community. 

Licensees are responsible for following: 

  • good management practices 
  • the terms of their licence 
  • other requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 (Act) 

To make sure this happens, our licensing enforcement authority focuses on: 

  • taking firm action against those who ignore the law or act irresponsibly 
  • assisting businesses and others in meeting their legal obligations 
  • quickly acting on issues that concern local communities 

The 4 licensing objectives 

The promotion of the 4 licensing objectives is the basis for any enforcement action we take.  

The 4 objectives are: 

  • the prevention of crime and disorder 
  • public safety 
  • the prevention of public nuisance 
  • the protection of children from harm 

Read more on licensing objectives and conditions.

Responsible authorities

To ensure the 4 licensing objectives are promoted, we work with various responsible authorities.

How we respond to licence concerns 

Along with our responsible authority partners, we understand the importance of a consistent approach and the best use of resources. We do this by focusing on premises where problems have taken place. 

Our approach is designed to make sure: 

  • the level of enforcement matches the problem 
  • support and education are given to the licensee where needed 
  • firm action is taken against irresponsible licensees  

Underage alcohol sales 

The Haringey Trading Standards team leads and coordinates work on underage alcohol sales issues. They work closely with:

  • the police
  • licensing enforcement
  • various community safety groups

Preventing underage sales - information for the licensee 

Please see information about your responsibilities as a licensee and how to prevent underage sales.

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