Pavement licence removal

Part of: Pavement licence

Having a pavement licence only allows you to place furniture on the pavement.

You must make sure you have in place, and follow, all other relevant regulations such as:

  • public liability
  • health and safety at work
  • food hygiene and safety
  • alcohol and entertainment licensing

If any licence conditions are not followed, we will issue a notice requiring you to follow conditions. If we must take further action, you may be liable for the costs of doing this.

When we can remove your licence

We can remove your licence where:

  • you do not follow a condition (whether or not we have sent you a notice asking you to follow the condition)
  • there are risks to public health or safety
  • the pavement is being obstructed (other than by anything permitted by the licence)
  • there is anti-social behaviour or public nuisance – for example, an increased amount of late-night noise and litter not being cleaned up
  • it comes to light that you gave false or misleading information in your application – for example, you operate a stall selling hot food but had applied for tables and chairs on which drinks could be consumed
  • you did not display a licence application notice on your premises for 7 days
  • any part of the pavement area which your licence relates to becomes unsuitable – for example the licensed area (or road adjacent) is no longer to be pedestrianised

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