Pavement licence

Pavement licence eligibility and what happens if you have an alcohol licence.

Who can get a pavement licence

The pavement licence was introduced by the government as an opportunity for the hospitality sector to recover from the impact of COVID measures. It has remained in place since.

It allows you to place tables and chairs on the pavement outside your premises. 

If you want to offer smoking in the outside area, you must apply for a tables and chairs on the pavement licence.

Changes to licensing regulations from 31 March 2024

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Act 2023 makes the pavement licensing regime permanent and includes the following changes:

  • the fee cap has increased – it is capped at £500 for new applications and £350 for renewals
  • licenses will be issued for 1 year at a time in Haringey
  • salons and barbershops are not in scope, so are unable to apply for a licence
  • A boards are NOT permitted under a pavement licence
  • the 7-day consultation and 7-day determination periods provided under the temporary regime have been extended to 14 days for each – this means 28 days in total
  • the new guidance makes clear that a minimum width of 2000mm clear space should be provided between the obstacle and the edge of the footway

Existing licence holders can retain their licences granted under the temporary regime until the expiration date on their licence.

For more information, see the full pavement licensing guidance on GOV.UK.


Eligible businesses are: 

  • bars 
  • cafés 
  • pubs
  • restaurants 
  • snack bars 
  • ice cream parlours 
  • entertainment venues which sell food and drink 

For more information see the government guidance on pavement licence.

Both individuals and companies can apply for pavement licences.

Alcohol licence

If you have a licence to serve alcohol on the premises, you will be allowed to sell alcohol off the premises. You do not need to apply for a variation of your licence.

This is a temporary amendment to the Licensing Act 2003.

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