Antisocial behaviour we can investigate

Part of: Dealing with antisocial behaviour

We can only investigate certain types of behaviour as antisocial behaviour.

Even if you find someone's behaviour annoying or disruptive, it might not be considered antisocial.

You should only report something to us that you know we can investigate as antisocial behaviour.

Behaviour we will investigate

We can investigate the following types of antisocial behaviour:

  • rowdy behaviour and drunkenness
  • persistent dog barking or uncontrolled animals
  • objects or liquids being thrown from windows or balconies
  • drug taking or drug dealing, and alcohol-related nuisances
  • verbal abuse
  • intimidation and harassment, including stalking and hate crimes
  • damage to property
  • threats or acts of violence
  • hate incidents motivated by age, disability, faith, race or sexual orientation
  • environmental health issues
  • activity relating to sex work or sexual exploitation
  • criminals targeting the homes of vulnerable people – known as ‘cuckooing’

You can also report:

Behaviour we will not investigate

We cannot investigate:

  • cooking smells
  • one-off parties or barbecues
  • lifestyle clashes, including cultural differences or different working patterns
  • other people’s cats in your garden
  • people smoking in their own garden or on their own balcony
  • parking issues
  • personal differences or unfriendly looks and stares
  • young people being together in groups – unless their behaviour is threatening or abusive
  • children playing, or riding bikes or skateboards
  • homes that get lots of visitors
  • disputes with neighbours about boundaries and fences

If you've experienced any of these issues with a neighbour, you might be able to resolve the problem yourself. Find out more about resolving disputes with your neighbours.