Report antisocial behaviour

Part of: Dealing with antisocial behaviour

There are different ways you can report antisocial behaviour.

It can depend on things like the type of home you live in and what kind of antisocial behaviour you’ve experienced.

When to call the police 

If you or anyone else is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.

You should report any of the following to police: 

  • arson  
  • assault  
  • drug use and drug dealing  
  • gun or knife crime  
  • hate crime  
  • sexual offences  
  • threats of abuse or violence 

Find out how to report a crime on the Metropolitan Police website

You can also report incidents like these to us.

If you live in a housing association home

You should report antisocial behaviour directly to your housing association. They have a responsibility to deal with complaints about antisocial behaviour.

If you rent privately

You should report antisocial behaviour directly to your landlord. They have a responsibility to deal with complaints about antisocial behaviour.

If you own your home

You can get help from your local Citizens Advice or contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

Before you report antisocial behaviour

There are some things you should do before you report antisocial behaviour to us.

Check what we can and cannot investigate

We might not be able to investigate low-level antisocial behaviour that only happens once – for example, DIY sounds, noisy neighbours or property damage.

There are also some types of behaviour that we are not able to investigate – for example, children playing or boundary disputes.

Check what types of behaviour we can and cannot investigate.

Make sure you’ve gathered evidence

Keep a record of what’s happened and gather evidence to support your report.

Try to resolve neighbour disputes

If you can, try resolving any disputes with your neighbour.

Report antisocial behaviour

There are ways you can report:

If you’ve experienced another type of antisocial behaviour, you can:

  • fill in an online form – this is usually the quickest way
  • call us
  • visit us in person at a customer service centre

Fill in the online form

You’ll need to tell us what the main cause of the antisocial behaviour is.

If you’ve experienced different things, you should choose the behaviour that affected you most. You’ll have a chance to tell us about other behaviour you’ve experienced.

You’ll also need the following information when you fill in the form:

  • the date and time the incident happened
  • who was affected
  • how the incident made you feel
  • any evidence you’ve got
  • the police reference number, if you have one

Report antisocial behaviour

After you make a report

We aim to assess your antisocial behaviour report within 24 hours.

If we can help, your case will be assigned to someone for further investigation. The lead officer for your case will aim to contact you within 5 working days.

If we cannot help, we'll let you know.

We might signpost you somewhere else if you’ve reported a housing association tenant, private renter or a homeowner. For example, you might need to contact their landlord, or another service or organisation.

If you’ve made an anonymous report, we might not be able to investigate it.

Contact customer services: antisocial behaviour

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