Make a noise complaint

Noise complaints

Before making a noise complaint, please make sure:  

Keep a log of all incidents and only make a complaint if the issue happens more than 3 times in the past month.  

What you need 

To make a report you need: 

  • your evidence
  • police reference number if you reported it to the police 
  • to tell us 
    • when the noise happened – date and time  
    • who was affected  
    • how the incident made you feel  

Report a noise complaint

You can report a noise complaint in 4 ways.

Online form 

The best way to report a noise complaint is to complete our online form. 

Report now

Noise mobile phone app  

You can make a report from your mobile phone via the Noise App. 

This video explains how the Noise App works.  

You can download the app from Google Play or iPhone app store.  

When we receive your recording, we’ll send you a reference number. You can use your reference number to get updates or add evidence to your case.   

We look at reports from the noise app during office hours only.

Call us  

Call our customer services team on 020 8489 1000.

  • Monday and Tuesday, 9am to 5pm   
  • Wednesday, 10am to 5pm   
  • Thursday and Friday, 9am to 5pm   
  • Saturday and Sunday closed

Outside of these times, including weekends, you can call 020 8489 0000. 

Visit us  

You can visit us in person at one of our customer service centres

After making a complaint

We aim to assess your report within 24 hours and will contact you within 5 working days.  

If we can help with the issue, we'll ask one of our officers to look into it. They'll keep you updated on progress.  

If we cannot help we'll let you know.  

If you made the report through the mobile app, updates will be sent to you in the app.

If you made an anonymous report, we cannot provide updates.

See also how councils deal with noise complaints on GOV.UK.