Haringey Prevent

About Prevent, our Prevent strategy.

About Prevent

Prevent aims to keep Haringey safe and secure by stopping people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

It’s a statutory duty for the council, and for organisations like NHS Trusts, schools and the police.

Our Prevent programme is managed by the environment and neighbourhoods team. It was developed following the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and the government’s Prevent strategy.

Our Prevent strategy

Haringey’s Prevent strategy aims to reduce the risk of radicalisation.

It also focuses on protecting communities and supporting people who may be at risk of being recruited or radicalised by extremists.

There’s no specific type of person who is vulnerable to radicalisation. Prevent relies on community support to identify and protect people.

Haringey’s Prevent priorities are:

  • making sure people at risk of supporting terrorism are identified early and offered help and guidance
  • training and supporting staff in key services so they can recognise when someone may be at risk and respond appropriately
  • raising community awareness of Prevent issues and increasing confidence in the local approach
  • providing advice and support about travel to conflict zones
  • applying the Prevent strategy equally to all forms of terrorist ideology

More information

Find out more about the Prevent programme on the Home Office Prevent website.

You can also:

Contact the Prevent team