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The Haringey online payments system is available here and is provided by Civica. 

It is used as part of many of our online forms to take payments for services, including Parking, Council Tax, Housing rent and many more.

Please note you must accept necessary cookies to be able to make a payment using this system.

Cookies used by CivicaPay

We use cookies on this site which are 'strictly necessary' for it to function. These cookies help pages to load and improve the security of our site.

Cookies on the online payment system
Name Provider Purpose Expiration
_RequestVerificationToken Cross-site scripting provision End of Session
_SessionID Transaction tracking completing a payment, timeout
BIGipServerPOOL_nn Load balancing End of Session

About CivicaPay

Civica is a UK major software provider. We provide our 'CivicaPay' payments services to a range of local authorities, schools and housing associations. We provide these services in our role as a Data Processor. The respective local authorities, schools and housing associations are the Data Controllers of your information. Should you have any queries about how your data is being used, please contact the relevant Data Controller.

Civica's Headquarters is located at:

Southbank Central (8th Floor)

30 Stamford Street



Tel: 020 7760 2800

Civica is registered with the Information Commissioners Office, with registration number Z5268164