Register to vote

Register to vote in Haringey.

How to register to vote

You are required by law to register yourself to vote. Each time you move home you should register to vote at your new address - paying council tax does not register you to vote. If you have become eligible to vote for the first time (if you have recently taken out British citizenship, for example) you should also register to vote.

Not only does being registered enable you to vote in elections, but it may also help your credit rating.

You must meet all 3 of the criteria below to register to vote in Haringey:

  1. Be aged 16 or over (although you cannot vote until you are 18)
  2. Be a British citizen, or an Irish, qualifying Commonwealth or EU citizen living in the UK – a list of qualifying countries can be found on the Electoral Commission website
  3. Be a permanent resident in Haringey

You can also register to vote if you are:

Contact customer services: electoral services