Students and second home owners

Register to vote

If you are a student and have a home address and a term address, you can register to vote at both addresses (as long as they are not in the same council area).

If you own 2 properties, you may be able to register at both addresses. You should only register at both addresses if you consider them both to be your permanent residence. If your ‘second home’ is a holiday home used infrequently, this would not normally be considered a permanent residence.

If you register to vote at 2 addresses, you can vote in both places for council elections (so long as they are different councils).

At regional and national elections, such as a general election, or the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections, you can only vote in one place, but you can choose which place you vote in.

Voting in more than one place at a regional or national election, or referendum is a criminal offence.

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