Issuing a court summons

The third stage of the process to recover unpaid Council Tax is to issue you with a summons to pay.

If you still have not paid the outstanding amount after receiving a reminder or a final notice, you will next receive a court summons.

The summons is issued on behalf of the magistrates' court. It will include a court hearing date.

After you receive the summons, you will have pay the whole balance of your account before the court hearing date. This includes the costs incurred in issuing the summons.

If you're unable to pay

If you're unable to pay the summons amount in full, the letter will include details of how you can pay in instalments.  

If you need further time to pay, we may be able to extend the arrangement but we will need further information about your circumstances. Please complete a Council Tax summons financial statement .

Please return it to us with an offer of how much you can pay each month. 

We will contact you to let you know if your offer has been accepted and, if so, confirm when your instalments are due. If your offer is refused, we will contact you with an alternative arrangement or advise you what to do next.


Contact customer services: Council Tax