Haringey Community Carbon Fund

Who can apply and what to do before applying.

Eligibility and guidance

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As part of our Climate Change Action Plan , we're funding local, community projects to reduce carbon emissions. 

Year 3 – 2024/25

Year 3 has a total funding pot of £70,642. 

There are 3 sizes of funding: 

  • large - up to £50,000
  • medium - up to £15,000 
  • micro - up to £1,000

The bid period for year 3 has now closed. Applications could be submitted from 1 November 2023 until 7 January 2024. 

11 organisations were successful in getting funding. See all details on successful applicants.

Year 4 – 2025/26

The year 4 pot will open for bids in autumn 2024. You can use the information below to prepare an application.


All community groups, schools or businesses who want to apply for a grant must show they are: 

  • constituted – have a written set of rules and guidelines
  • working for the public benefit 
  • based in and/or mostly active in Haringey 

Further eligibility criteria are based on the size of the grant.  

Any individual or community group can apply for a micro grant. They do not have to be constituted.

Applications are scored on a range of criteria including: 

  • carbon reduction 
  • community engagement 
  • project delivery 
  • budget 

Before applying 

See our Community Carbon Fund 2022-2025 brochure for information on: 

  • funding 
  • what we’re looking for in a project 
  • eligibility
  • the application process 
  • the project implementation process 
  • timelines

For further information see our:

These documents may be updated when the next round of funding is opened. 

If you would like a translated version of the documents, see our translation and interpreting services page. You can also contact us with any specific requests.

If you have any further questions or need help with your application, please contact us.

Contact the carbon management team