We declared a climate emergency in 2019 and have since made climate change one of our top priorities. In 2021 our Cabinet voted to adopt the Haringey Climate Change Action Plan .

We aim to be a net zero carbon borough by 2041 and a net zero carbon council by 2027 (for our 7 core council buildings and vehicle fleet managed by us).

Reaching these goals is a big challenge and we cannot do it alone. We need to work together. Everyone in Haringey can be part of this movement for change – find out how you can get involved.

What is climate change?

When we use fossil fuels like oil, gas, petrol, diesel, and coal to heat our homes, travel, and produce food, goods, and services, we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This gas acts like a blanket, trapping heat and contributing to global warming alongside other gases such as nitrous oxide and methane.

Climate change refers to long-term changes in temperature, humidity, and weather patterns. Since the industrial revolution, these greenhouse gas emissions have escalated, causing notable climate shifts.

The choices we make matter. By making better choices, we can help reduce their impact.

See this BBC Simple Guide to Climate Change for more information.

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Join our climate partnership

Get involved with local climate action in Haringey. We welcome residents, businesses, and all community members to join our Climate Partnership. Contribute ideas, learn about climate projects, and help implement solutions like food waste recycling and carbon reduction initiatives right where you live. 

Sign up for our inaugural online meeting on Thursday 16 May 2024, 6.30pm to 8.30pm (postponed from 18 March).

Sign up now

Stay tuned for more meetings throughout the year. We will keep you updated on the details.

Annual Carbon Report

We have published annual carbon reports since 2011. They report on progress made to reduce carbon emissions in Haringey. They also celebrate positive climate action initiatives.

See the most recent carbon reports.

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Haringey Community Carbon Fund

We have allocated £300,000 in funding towards the 4-year Community Carbon Fund to empower and give the tools to the community to tackle climate change.

Do you have a community project that could help to reduce carbon? We will have £70,000 available for projects applying to the year 4 pot that will open for bids in autumn 2024.

Find out more about the community carbon fund, including eligibility, how to apply and successful projects.

Reducing your carbon impact

Your carbon impact is called your carbon footprint. You can calculate your carbon footprint using an online calculator. Try the Climate Heroes calculator and get ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Or find out how many planets we need if everyone lives like you. Try the Global Footprint Network calculator to find out your personal 'overshoot day'.

Further information: Climate change: Four things you can do about your carbon footprint – BBC News.

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Climate action schools

Haringey schools carbon challenge

Find out more about our carbon saving challenge and design competition for primary schools in Haringey – schools carbon challenge.

Haringey Climate Forum

The Haringey Climate Forum (HCF – previously called Haringey 40:20) brings together residents, businesses, community groups and more with the aim of working with us to tackle: 

  • greenhouse gases causing damage to our climate 
  • waste that pollutes our roads, rivers and oceans 
  • air pollution 

The forum aims to meet quarterly. Find out more about what HCF does.

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Carbon literacy training

Are you interested in finding out more about the science behind climate change and finding the tools to tackle climate change?

The Carbon Literacy Project has helped design a range of courses with organisations that are specific to sectors, individuals and community groups. You can find their courses here. Courses are typically a full day, online or in person, and will incur a cost. At the end you will be able to receive a Carbon Literate certificate.

You can use this training to train other community leaders to become confident in climate action and spread the message.

We are rolling out an in-house programme to train our staff and ward councillors (this is not currently open to the public). This includes the accredited full-day training, and our own climate action training.