Haringey Schools Carbon Challenge

Carbon-saving challenge and design competition for primary schools.

The Haringey Carbon Challenge is a competition for all primary schools in Haringey.

Carbon Challenge diary

Children will challenge themselves for a week to engage in carbon-saving activities and record them in a diary.

They are encouraged to engage with the adults in their lives throughout the week.

We have created an A4 template for the diary that you can download and provide the children with:

Carbon Challenge design competition

Children are tasked with compiling their successes into an A4 poster. We encourage group and class entries so that all the great ideas can be shared!

Please download this cover template to create the new Annual Carbon Report cover.


All primary schools in Haringey are eligible.

Number of entries per school

Each school can send a maximum of 3 entries.

Teachers should decide on the 3 entries and then email them to us at CarbonManagementTeam@haringey.gov.uk

Deadline for submissions

Entries must be received by 9 February 2024.

Winning entry announcement

The winning entry will be announced in early March 2024.


The winning design will be on the front cover of the Annual Carbon Report. The winner will also receive a camera bird box for their school.

PowerPoint presentation for teachers

We have a PowerPoint presentation available for teachers to introduce climate change and the carbon challenge. Please email us and we will send it to you.

Haringey Schools Carbon Challenge
Haringey Schools Carbon Challenge

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