People Need Parks: funding application

The 3 funding objectives.


Haringey parks and green spaces are used and loved by many and we want even more people to use them. 

We give funding to groups and individuals to plan and organise activities that make our parks better and safer places to be. 

3 funding objectives 

The People Need Parks: Funding Opportunities (previously known as the Parks and Open Spaces Small Grants Scheme) has 3 funding objectives. 

All events must support at least one of the following objectives. 


We know our parks are loved and valued by many. But we also know that some communities and groups don’t use the parks that much.  

This could be because they:  

  • don’t feel comfortable or safe using them 
  • may not think there’s anything for them to do in a park 
  • haven't ever thought about using them 

We want all residents to feel welcome and comfortable using Haringey’s parks. 

If you're planning a community activity, think about how you'll encourage underrepresented groups to take part. 

These groups include: 

  • Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities
  • disabled people
  • LGBTQI+ people
  • older people 
  • women and girls 
  • young people

To qualify for funding, all events must be free to attend. 


We want everyone using our parks to support our declaration of a climate emergency. 

Everything that happens in parks needs to be managed in a way to: 

  • help fight climate change 
  • reduce the use of single-use plastics 
  • protect and improve the biodiversity of our precious green spaces and environment 
  • save on carbon footprints 

Funding is available for events like: 

  • community litter picking activities 
  • planting more sustainable shrubs that need little watering and that increase biodiversity 

Providing quality events and activities 

We want to fund good quality events and activities and help you become better organisers. 

We want you to think about: 

  • what you’re trying to achieve long-term 
  • how you can improve year-on-year 
  • how annual events can be improved 
  • what other funding opportunities are available 

You may need help: 

  • to increase capacity of your group through website development or promotional material 
  • to encourage and attract people to help you 
  • with training to give you the knowledge and skills to improve parks for everyone