How to use your People Need Parks funds

Part of: People Need Parks: funding application

Funding amount 

We offer up to: 

  • £1,000 a year for groups 
  • £250 a year for individuals 

How to use the funding 

You can use the funding for events which: 

  • provide entertainment or education 
  • offer a meeting point for all communities to come together 
  • celebrate and enjoy our green spaces 

These can have a specific focus or none.  

Activities can be: 

  • sporting 
  • artistic 
  • educational 
  • work sessions such as nature conservation or maintenance projects 

We want groups that focus on parks to be as informed and sustainable as possible. You can use funding to: 

  • strengthen your group  
  • provide training that will ultimately benefit Haringey’s parks 

Acknowledging our support 

If your funding application is successful, you’re committing to acknowledge our support. 

We’d like you to help us let the community know about events and activities they can take part in. 

A couple of ways you can do this is by: