Change vehicle details on parking permits

Part of: Change or cancel your parking permit

You must update the details in your parking account if you change your vehicle. 


Resident permits 

We charge £15 to change vehicle information on resident permits.  

If your permit is based on CO2 emissions  

If you’re changing cars and your new vehicle’s in a lower emission band, your permit will cost less. You'll get a refund for the time left on your permit. If the change is for a resident permit, we’ll take the £15 fee from your refund. 

If your new vehicle is in a higher emission band, your permit will cost more. You need to make a payment to cover the time left on your permit. If the change is for a resident permit, you will also pay the £15 fee. 

To see CO2 emission bands and permit prices, select your permit

What you need  

If the only change is the vehicle registration number, you can upload or post a copy of the certificate of entitlement (V750). Your certificate of entitlement is provided by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).   

For other vehicle changes, you must upload the same vehicle documents that you did when you applied. See your permit details for what you must upload

Change your vehicle details 

  1. Log in to your online permit account.
  2. Under ‘Your permits’ click ‘View your permits’. 
  3. Click ‘View/edit’ under the permit you want to change vehicle for.  
  4. Click ‘Change’ next to your vehicle registration. 
  5. Upload 1 of the listed proofs that your new vehicle. 
  6. Make a payment if needed.  

Processing time

We’ll email you once we've processed the change. Changes should take 2 days to process, but may take up to 10 working days during busy periods. 

Your vehicle is not covered to park until we process the change.