Apply for or renew your resident permit

Part of: Resident CPZ parking permit

What you need 

To apply for a resident permit you need proof of your address and vehicle ownership.

Proof of address 

We’ll try to confirm that you live in Haringey through our council tax records and electoral register.   

If this fails, you must upload or post one of these proofs of your address: 

  • signed Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement 
  • letter from HM revenue signed and recently dated 
  • letter from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) signed and recently dated 
  • signed Housing Association or Council Tenancy Agreement 
  • driving licence photo identity card showing your controlled parking zone (CPZ) address 
  • letter of completion from your solicitor confirming your address is where you live 
  • your Council Tax reference number – this is shown on your bill or in your online My Account 

Proof of vehicle ownership 

You must upload proof that clearly shows:

  • your name as the vehicle owner or sole user
  • your address within the CPZ where the vehicle's kept

This can be: 

  • a vehicle log book (V5C)
  • a new keeper’s slip (V5C/2) plus a car purchase document on company headed paper showing car details, that you paid in full, buyer name, seller name and date
  • confirmation of your vehicle registration details plus a bill of sale on headed company paper
  • a lease agreement

If you use a company car, you must upload:

  • the log book (V5C) or hire agreement
  • company car details from your employer on headed paper saying you're the only person who uses the vehicle and it’s kept at your address


  1. Log in to your parking account or set up a new parking account. If setting up a new account, select 'Resident’ as your ‘Customer Type’. If you already have an account with a different customer type, you must set up a new account for your resident permit.  
  2. Select ‘Your permits’ and ‘See permits you can apply for (not visitor permits)’.  
  3. Under ‘Resident permit’, click ‘Apply’.  
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.   
  5. Enter your vehicle registration, click ‘Find vehicle’, then click ‘Add vehicle’.  
  6. Select the length of your permit – 6 or 12 months. 
  7. Enter the date you want the permit to start.   
  8. You’ll see the cost of your permit.  
  9. If needed, upload proof of where you live, and upload proof of your vehicle   
  10. Click ‘Apply’ and pay for your permit.   

You can park with your resident permit (or with an application in progress) straight away. 

Renew your permit 

You’ll get an email 5 weeks before your permit ends asking you to renew your permit.  

To renew your permit: 

  1. Log in to your parking account.
  2. Under ‘Your permits’ click ‘View your permits’.  
  3. Click ‘Renew’ for the permit you want to renew.  
  4. Confirm your details.  
  5. Leave the renewal start date as it is. Your new permit will start when your current permit ends.  
  6. Upload your proof documents.  
  7. Review your permits details and pay for your permit renewal.  

After applying or renewing

After applying for, or renewing, a resident permit you can park in your CPZ right away. While we process your application you will not get a parking ticket.

Processing your application takes up to 10 working days. You'll get an email letting you know if your application's approved.

If your permit is not approved, we’ll let you know why and if we need more information. A rejected application means you can no longer use the permit to park in the CPZ and may get a parking ticket if you do.