Suspensions to parking bays

Reasons for suspending a bay, who can park in a suspended bay and the times of day the suspension applies.


Suspending a parking space means no one, apart from the person or organisation who applied for it, can park there. 

Parking bay suspensions are given for: 

Bays we can suspend 

We only suspend disabled and car club bays in exceptional circumstances.  

We do not give suspensions for red routes. For a red route suspension contact Transport for London.  

We will remove a suspension for: 

  • the misuse of the parking bay 
  • unacceptable behaviour towards our staff, contractors, and members of the public 

Time of day your suspension applies 

Suspensions only apply during the hours of the controlled parking zone (CPZ) the parking bay is in. Check the CPZ time for your location before applying.  

If you need a suspension outside the CPZ hours, contact the network management team on 020 8489 1300 or

Current suspensions

Email us for a list of current and recent parking suspensions. 

Contact parking bay suspensions

For information about a suspension, to change a suspension and for a list of current suspensions.