Key notification stages for inspection

Lists of key notification stages for inspection.

Key notification stages for inspection

The applicant or builder must notify us in advance of the inspection(s) needed. This allows the surveyor to check for compliance with the building regulations and so issue a Completion Certificate upon satisfactory completion. This is a valuable document which helps a sale when the property is sold.

General note: the inspecting surveyor will advise when additional inspections are required. Inspections are carried out to ensure compliance with the minimum standards of the building regulations. Client specifications on other issues are not commented upon provided the minimum standards of the building regulations are met. Inspections will also be used to check suitable materials are used.

For items not listed (for example commercial projects), please ask the building control surveyor when the works start for a list of necessary inspections. For multiple work types on the same job, different inspections can often be done at the same time.

Installers' certificates and test results

Where appropriate, these will need to be checked before a Completion Certificate can be issued (for example boilers, electrical, waterproofing).

If necessary, we will use other professional expertise and testing procedures when required.

Key notification stages for inspection following domestic job types

The exact number of inspections required to ensure that a project complies with the building regulations will be determined by the building control surveyor. This section lists the minimum requirement, and some inspections may need to be duplicated.

Satisfactory compliance on site will enable us to promptly issue a Completion Certificate.

Please notify us at the following stages unless the surveyor agrees that this is not needed.

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