Book music instrument and singing lessons

How to book a music lesson and what instruments your child can learn.

Book lessons

To book a music instrument or singing lesson: 

  1. Fill in the online application form – your child is then added to a waiting list. Applications are processed in the order we receive them. 
  2. When a space becomes available or there’s enough demand to start a new lesson, we send you an invoice. 
  3. The invoice shows:
    • the name of the teacher
    • the term the lessons start
    • any reductions you can get
  4. When you pay the invoice, your child’s name is added to the music lesson register. 

Book a music lesson now through Eepos

Many of our lessons only begin with children in year 2. You are welcome to apply for younger children, but they may stay on the waiting list until they’re older. 


We offer lessons on the following instruments: 

  • acoustic guitar 
  • bass guitar 
  • bassoon 
  • cello 
  • clarinet 
  • double bass 
  • drum-kit 
  • electric guitar 
  • flute 
  • french horn 
  • harp 
  • oboe 
  • orchestral percussion 
  • piano 
  • recorder  
  • saxophone 
  • saz 
  • steel pan 
  • trombone 
  • trumpet 
  • tuba  
  • viola  
  • violin  
  • singing (voice) 

Join a music group

Making music is the main point of learning an instrument. It's good to encourage your child to join in with musical activities as soon as is practicable.

Some schools have their own bands and orchestras your child can join. They can also join our regular, after-school:

  • bands
  • groups
  • ensembles
  • orchestras

Find out about our after-school music groups and how to join.

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