Home education

What home education is.

What home education is

Home education, also called elective home education, is where you choose to educate your child(ren) at home. This means taking your child out of school, or not starting your child at school. 

If your child's having problems at school, like bullying, please contact us before making a decision about home education. 

Children that can be home educated 

You do not need permission to educate your child at home, unless your child goes to a special school. If your child goes to a special school, you must ask us for permission before home educating your child. 

If your child has special education needs, you can still choose to educate them at home. 

If your child is subject to a child protection plan, the plan may be reviewed or changed to protect the child. This may mean that you cannot home educate your child. 

Part-time school attendance 

Going to school part-time is called ‘flexi-schooling’. The school’s headteacher decides if your child can attend part-time.  

To find out if your child can do flexi-schooling, contact the school directly. 

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