Traffic management orders (TMOs)

What TMOs are, different types of TMO, what is not covered by TMOs, how we advertise TMOs.

About TMOs

Traffic management orders (TMOs) are legal documents that help manage traffic and parking.

TMOs control things like speed limits, one-way streets and yellow lines.

They will either be:

  • parking and loading restrictions – known as ‘static restrictions’
  • speed and movement restrictions – known as ‘moving restrictions’

Types of TMO

TMOs can be:

  • permanent
  • experimental
  • temporary
  • proposed

When we propose a new permanent or experimental TMO, you have a chance to let us know if you agree with it or not.

What is not controlled by TMOs

TMOs are not needed for:

  • school ‘keep clear’ markings
  • yellow box junctions
  • bus stops
  • road humps
  • pedestrian crossings

How we advertise TMOs

We must advertise each TMO.

We do this by publishing a notice in a local newspaper.

We may also:

  • publish the notice in the London Gazette
  • put notices on lamp posts in the street where the TMO is proposed