Give feedback on proposed TMOs

Part of: Traffic management orders (TMOs)

When a permanent or experimental TMO is proposed, you can submit comments to say whether you support it or object to it.

Comments must:

  • be made in writing
  • say why you object if you do not support the TMO
  • be submitted by the deadline in the TMO notice

We consider every comment we get.

We’ll let you know we’ve received your comment and tell you when we make a decision.

If you do not think the right procedures were followed when we made a TMO, you can appeal to the High Court. You need to do this within 6 weeks of when the TMO was made.

View proposed TMOs 

You can view and submit comments about most proposed TMOs in Haringey on an AppyWay map.

There are some TMOs that cannot be viewed on the map – for example, off-street parking and changes to terms and conditions for permits.

You can download and view these TMOs. If it's a current proposal, email your comments to us by the deadline. Make sure you include the TMO’s reference number in your email.

Current proposals for non-map TMOs

There are no live proposals for non-map TMOs at the moment.

Completed proposals for non-map TMOs

The closing date for these proposals has passed and you can no longer give feedback.

Completed proposals from 2023

Date advertised Scheme
2 August 2023 
21 June 2023

Contact the traffic management order (TMO) team