Road closures for community and commercial events

Part of: Road closures

You can download a form to request a road closure for a community or commercial event.


The charge for this service is £2,080. This includes:

  • advice on the traffic management
  • talks with the emergency services, TfL and London Buses
  • a site visit with the organiser (if needed)
  • help advertising the traffic management order for the event

Traffic managed by the event organiser

You will need to pay for all traffic management arrangements for the road closure. This includes the hiring of: 

  • signage
  • barriers
  • staffing

All plans and designs must be submitted along with a risk assessment and method statement, before the event is agreed.

Traffic managed by the council

We can arrange and carry out the traffic management for the event. In this case the charge will be £3,000 plus the traffic management costs. The costs must be paid before the event starts.


You will need a Temporary Event Notice licence which costs £21 if you want to:

  • sell alcohol
  • provide entertainment to the wider public
  • charge money for your event


Allow at least 3 months before the event closure. 

You should consider:

  • the length of the consultation process
  • planned road works in the area
  • that you might need to meet with the council

Contact the traffic management group