Dropped kerb: construction

Part of: Dropped kerbs

Before construction can start:

  • the minimum depth from the back of your pavement to your building line must be 4.8 metres
  • there must be a suitable opening in your boundary wall or fence to allow access to the parking space or garage
  • you must make sure that gates do not open outwards onto the pavement
  • the driveway must be built (if applicable)

Access bars (white line across dropped kerb)

We do not paint or repaint access bars across dropped kerbs.

Sustainable driveways

More rainfall can leave street drains struggling to cope. When this happens, the water can go back into the front drive and flood homes.

We advise you to:

  • remove as little of your soft garden as possible
  • use permeable paving
  • keep hard surfaces to a minimum  

For further information and guidance on sustaining your driveway, see: