School Street exemptions

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Some motorists can apply for a free School Streets exemption, which allows them to use the street during operating hours. If you have an exemption, you will not receive a fine (also known as a penalty charge notice).


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You only need an exemption to drive into the School Street. You do not need an exemption to drive out – for example, if you were already parked when the School Street started operating.

Who can apply

You can apply if you:

  • live in the School Street (2 per property)
  • have a business in the School Street (2 per property)
  • are a Blue Badge holder
  • have a child at the school who has a disability that stops them from walking or cycling to school
  • are a medical practitioner visiting someone at an address in the School Street
  • drive a school bus or vehicle (only schools can apply)

Expanded exemptions for Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders who live or have a business in a School Street can nominate up to 2 vehicles for which they're not the registered keeper.

This is in replacement of (and not in addition to) exemptions where you're the registered keeper.

For example, you can apply for an exemption for both:

  • a vehicle you own
  • a vehicle that's owned by a friend who cares for you

This helps residents and businesses who have a Blue Badge but rely on others for car transport.

To apply for this exemption, you need select the 'resident' or 'business' option when you fill in the form. Do not select the Blue Badge option.

These exemptions are only given when you need to go to a property in a School Street – for example, to visit friends, family, businesses or schools.

We do not give exemption to Blue Badge holders who want to drive through a School Street – for example, because it's a quicker route.

Renewing exemptions

If you have an exemption, it will automatically be renewed.

Change of vehicle

If you've changed your vehicle, you'll need to apply for a new exemption.

Controlled parking zone (CPZ) permits

Holding a parking permit does not entitle you to drive into a School Street.

Visitors and deliveries

You should let planned visitors know about your School Street.

Visitors arriving by car are not eligible for an exemption for their vehicle unless they're a Blue Badge holder. They will need to use alternative modes of transport or park their vehicle on a nearby street and walk.

Home deliveries should avoid School Streets during operating hours. Delivery companies can make the last part of the journey on foot or arrive outside of the operating hours.

Contact the School Street team if you need an exemption for any other reason.

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