Housing Benefit overpayment decision letter

Part of: Housing Benefit overpayments

If we send you a letter saying you've been overpaid, contact us straight away using our online form.

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What is included in the letter

This two page letter provides a breakdown of overpaid Housing Benefit and tells you:

  • who was overpaid
  • the address the overpayment relates to
  • the period(s) Housing Benefit was overpaid
  • the amount(s) of Housing Benefit you were getting
  • the amount(s) of Housing Benefit you were entitled to
  • the total amount of overpaid Housing Benefit for the period(s)
  • how the overpaid amount(s) will be recovered
  • the total balance of outstanding Housing Benefit overpayments you currently owe

If you think this a mistake you can appeal the decision. See Appeal a Housing Benefit decision for more details.

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