Council committees

Council committees and boards, the Cabinet, Full Council, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Cabinet members

The Cabinet is led by the Leader of the Council and 9 other councillors, each with their own area of responsibility.

Leader of the Council – Councillor Peray Ahmet

Councillor Ahmet

Councillor Ahmet is responsible for:

  • Haringey Deal: coproduction, codesign, participation and local democracy
  • communications
  • corporate governance, performance, policy and strategy
  • external partnerships

Councillor Ahmet's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Environment and Transport, and Deputy Leader of the Council – Councillor Mike Hakata

Councillor Hakata

Councillor Hakata is responsible for:

  • climate action unit
  • strategic transport
  • air pollution
  • liveable neighbourhoods
  • trees and canopy cover
  • co-produced green spaces
  • local renewable energy
  • sustainability and decarbonisation

Councillor Hakata's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Housing Services, Private Renters and Planning – Councillor Sarah Williams

Councillor Williams

Councillor Williams is responsible for:

  • council housing
  • housing associations
  • private sector housing:
    • private rented homes (inc landlord licensing and enforcement)
    • empty homes
  • housing needs
  • homelessness and rough sleeping
  • planning policy and enforcement (including the Local Plan)

Councillor William's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families – Councillor Zena Brabazon

Councillor Brabazon

Councillor Brabazon is responsible for:

  • adoption and fostering
  • early help
  • early years and childcare
  • looked after children and care leavers
  • unaccompanied minors
  • safeguarding children
  • schools and education
  • services for children with disabilities and additional needs
  • 16-19 education
  • youth services and youth justice
  • transitions

Councillor Brabazon's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Resident Services and Tackling Inequality – Councillor Seema Chandwani

Councillor Chandwani

Councillor Chandwani is responsible for:

  • local welfare
  • waste and fly-tipping
  • highways
  • flooding
  • customer services

Councillor Chandwani's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Wellbeing - Councillor Lucia Das Neves

Councillor Das Neves

Councillor Das Neves is responsible for:

  • adult social care
  • violence against women and girls (VAWG)
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • refugee and migrant support
  • public health
  • safeguarding adults
  • transitions

Councillor das Neves' ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Finance and Local Investment – Councillor Dana Carlin

Councillor Carlin

Councillor Carlin is responsible for:

  • council finances, budget and medium term financial strategy
  • participatory budgeting
  • income generation
  • community wealth-building:
    • procurement: policies, frameworks and systems
    • insourcing policy and delivery
  • capital strategy
  • Council Tax policy
  • HR, staff wellbeing and corporate recruitment
  • IT and digital transformation
  • data policy and reform
  • information management
  • elections
  • emergency planning

Councillor Carlin's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Council House Building, Placemaking and Local Economy – Councillor Ruth Gordon 

Councillor Gordon

Councillor Gordon is responsible for:

  • housing strategy and development
  • building high-quality new council homes
  • renewing council housing estates
  • placemaking
  • council property
  • jobs and skills
  • local business
  • town centres and high streets

Councillor Gordon's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Culture, Communities and Leisure – Councillor Emily Arkell

Councillor Emily Arkell

Councillor Arkell is responsible for:

  • active citizenship and VCS (voluntary and community sector)
  • local food policy
  • culture
  • libraries
  • parks
  • leisure

Councillor Arkell's ward and contact details.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Cohesion – Councillor Adam Jogee

Councillor Jogee

Councillor Jogee is responsible for:

  • crime prevention and reduction
  • safer streets
  • community cohesion
  • social inclusion
  • licensing and regulatory services

Councillor Jogee's ward and contact details.