Full Council

Part of: Council committees

Full Council is a meeting of all Haringey’s 57 councillors.

Full Council meetings

Full Council meets 4 times a year, plus the annual meeting, and any other special meetings.

You can attend any Full Council meeting. Find out more about Full Council members, meeting dates and agendas

You can also watch live and recorded Full Council meetings.

Ask a question at a Full Council meeting

Anyone may ask a question at a Full Council meeting.

What Full Council can decide

Full Council is chaired by the Mayor. It is run according to formal rules of debate known as standing orders as laid out in the council's constitution.

Full Council's decision making responsibilities include:

  • agreeing strategies and plans
  • setting budgets
  • taking decisions on executive functions outside approved policy or budget framework
  • adopting and/or changing the constitution

Some business can only be determined by Full Council such as: