Ask a question at Full Council

Part of: Council meetings

Anyone may ask a question at Full Council.

Questions can be for:

You can only submit 1 question. Organisations can submit a maximum of 2 questions. 

How to submit a question

Please submit your question by writing to or emailing us before the meeting. See all upcoming Full Council meetings.

We must receive your request by 10am on a day that will leave at least 8 working days before the meeting. For example, by 10am Monday for a meeting on the Friday the next week.

Please include:

  • your name and address
  • which councillor the question is for

Rejected questions

We may reject a question if:

  • it is not about something we are responsible for
  • it does not affect Haringey
  • it is defamatory (a false statement that damages someone's reputation) or is offensive
  • it is largely the same as a question which has been asked at a meeting in the past 6 months
  • requires confidential or exempt information to be made public

Recording submitted questions

Each question submitted is entered in a book that is open to the public. A copy of the question is immediately sent to the councillor who it is for.

A rejected question will include the reason it was rejected.

Copies of all questions will be:

  • circulated to all councillors no later than at the meeting
  • made available to the public attending the meeting

How your question will be asked

The Mayor will invite you to put your question to the councillor named in the notice. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we will write to you with a reply. 

Asking supplementary questions

If you ask a question in person, you may also ask a supplementary question to the councillor who has replied to your original question.

A supplementary question must arise directly out of the original question or the reply. However, the Mayor may reject a supplementary question on the grounds that is a type of question that may be rejected. 

Unanswered questions

Any question that cannot be dealt with during public question time will be dealt with by a written reply. This may be because of lack of time or because the councillor who is required to answer the question is unable to attend the meeting. 

If your question needs to be referred to the Cabinet or a committee

Any councillor may ask that a matter raised by a question be referred to the Cabinet or the appropriate committee or sub-committee. Once seconded, such a motion will be voted on without discussion.

The time limit for questions

We allow 20 minutes for public questions and answers. 

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