Our workforce

Our pay policy statement and pay grades and scales.

Staff pay

The pay policy statement 2023 to 2024  outlines our approach to the pay of:

  • our workforce
  • our senior staff

Senior manager pay grades 

We publish information on the pay of our senior staff. This includes their:

  • job title 
  • pay grade
  • department
  • type of contract 
  • total pay
  • employers pension contribution

Haringey staff list with pay grades 2023  .

Senior manager pay scales 

You can also find out the senior manager pay scales, with information on pay scales for points 1 to 6.

Haringey senior manager pay scales 2023 .

Senior management team

For more on our senior management team, including a senior management structure chart, go to council management

Estimate of trade union costs 

Trade union officials 2023
Headcount of trade union officials  20
Full team equivalent 18.24
Headcount of trade union officials  working full time on trade union duties 3
Full time equivalent 3
Estimate of costs of the full time trade union officials  £164,166
Cost estimate as percentage of pay bill 0.1%

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