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We understand how distressing it is to have bed bugs in your home. With professional treatment, and following our recommendations, it’s possible to get rid of them. 

Cost of treatment  

The fee depends on whether you:

  • receive benefits or not
  • are a council tenant

See our fees page.

Book a treatment

Contact us to book a bed bug treatment.

Treatment process 

Treatment is carried out by one of our pest control officers. 

The treatment we use is insecticide spray. 

We make 2 visits to check on progress and spray again. 

During treatment we visit your home and:

  • discuss the treatment with you 
  • spray insecticide on affected areas 
  • give advice on how to stop bed bugs from infesting your home 

Treatment is carried out in bedrooms. 

What to do before pest control treatment  

Before both visits from our pest control officers, all bedrooms need to be emptied of everything except heavy furniture. 

Before our pest control team arrive, you must:  

  • pick up any objects off the floor   
  • remove all books, CDs, DVDs and other objects from book cases  
  • strip all beds of linen and wash at a high temperature  
  • remove all rugs from the floor and wash at a high temperature  
  • empty out all bedside tables and clean thoroughly  
  • empty out all wardrobes as the inside will be sprayed  
  • thoroughly vacuum your entire home, including underneath every bed, and dispose of the vacuum bag in the outside rubbish  
  • move all furniture away from the walls  
  • thoroughly clean the skirting boards  

The above preparation must be done before the pest control officer visits, otherwise we will not be able to carry out treatment. 

What to do after pest control treatment  

Bed bugs can hide in places that are difficult to reach and will only come out when they need to feed.  

They will come into contact with the insecticide when they sense warmth from a human body. For this reason, we recommend that you sleep in affected rooms after treatment.  

It's extremely important to understand that bed bugs do not go away immediately after treatment.  

After treatment do not: 

  • enter the room for 2 hours after the insecticide has dried 
  • vacuum between the 2 visits from our pest control team  
  • vacuum for up to 4 weeks after our last visit  

What bed bugs look like  

Bed bugs are:  

  • oval, flat insects approximately 5 millimetres in length  
  • a light brown colour when unfed  
  • a deep purple colour after biting a human or mammal and feeding on their blood  

Problems they can cause  

Bed bug bites can be extremely unpleasant, causing itching and swelling on the skin.  

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