Pharaoh ants pest control

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Cost of treatment  

The fee depends on whether you:

  • receive benefits or not
  • are a council tenant

See our fees page.

Book a treatment

Contact us to book a pharaoh ant treatment.

Treatment process 

Treatment is carried out by one of our pest control officers. 

The treatment we use is insecticide gel bait or granular bait. 

We make 3 visits to check on progress and lay down new poison as required. 

During treatment we visit your home and: 

  • discuss the treatment with you 
  • put down bait 
  • give advice on how to stop ants from coming into your home 

Treatment can be carried out in any affected room. 

What pharaoh ants look like  

They are:  

  • about 2 millimetres long 
  • red in colour 

Problems pharaoh ants cause  

Because pharaoh ants are so small, they can get into lots of different food packaging. This means they may contaminate food which humans will eat.  

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