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We understand how distressing it can be to have cockroaches in your home. With professional treatment, it’s possible to get rid of them. 

Cost of treatment  

The fee depends on whether you:

  • receive benefits or not
  • are a council tenant

See our fees page.

Book a treatment

Contact us to book a cockroach treatment.

Treatment process 

Treatment is carried out by one of our pest control officers. 

The treatment we use is insecticide gel bait. 

We make 3 visits to check on progress and lay down new bait. 

During treatment we will visit your home and: 

  • discuss the treatment with you 
  • put down bait 
  • give you advice on how to stop cockroaches from infesting your home 

Treatment can be carried out in the:

  • kitchen 
  • bathroom 
  • hot water tank cupboard  

Before our pest control team arrive you will need to:  

  • thoroughly clean kitchen surfaces, cupboards and shelves 
  • thoroughly clean the kitchen floor, including around the fridge, washing machine and cooker 
  • thoroughly clean the floor and surfaces in the bathroom 
  • wipe down all skirting boards in the property 

After treatment, you can reduce the chances of cockroaches returning by: 

  • keeping all foodstuffs in sealed plastic containers 
  • emptying dustbins regularly 

Signs of a cockroach problem 

You may have a cockroach problem if you:  

  • see live cockroaches, usually when turning on a light at night as they mostly come out at night  
  • see egg cases and skins as cockroaches shed their skin 5 to 8 times as they grow bigger  
  • see black droppings less than 1 millimetre wide and of different lengths  
  • smell an unpleasant, musty smell  
  • see damage to goods including leather and books   

Problems cockroaches can cause  

Cockroaches can spread disease by contaminating food that humans eat.   

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