Public health in Haringey

About public health strategy and how it impacts our communities.

Public health responsibilities

Public health is concerned with improving the overall health and wellbeing of our communities and addressing inequalities.

Our responsibilities cover 3 broad areas:

1. Health improvement

This includes programmes that work with individuals and communities to improve lifestyles. For example, support in stopping smoking, encouraging physical activity, and NHS Health checks.

2. Health protection

This includes protection against infectious diseases and use of legal or regulatory powers to improve health. For example, immunisation and vaccination against childhood diseases, cancer screening programmes, and traffic calming.

3. Improving health and social care quality

This is about working with others to make sure healthcare provision is high quality, fair, appropriate to the needs of the population, and gives good value for money. Examples include Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA), and the design of evidence-based care pathways.

Public Health works in partnership including with communities, local authority staff, clinicians and the voluntary sector to improve health and wellbeing. This results in beneficial effects on society as a whole.

Public health reports

JSNA - Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is a key, legally required, document for all agencies that have a role in improving health and wellbeing locally. The JSNA provides the evidence and framework that guides service development and commissioning. It examines the factors that impact the health and wellbeing of local communities, including employment, education, housing, and environmental factors as well as health and social care services.

The annual public health report is designed to raise awareness of key issues of concern relating to public health in Haringey.

Service provision

Find up-to-date and relevant information for some of our key services.