Applying for an HMO licence

Part of: House in multiple occupation (HMO) licensing

You can apply for a new licence or renew your licence if you are already registered online by clicking on the following link.

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Licence cost

The licensing fees have been amended and will now be taken in 2 stages.

  • A £588.50 fee will be paid on application, and a further £706.50 fee will be taken before your licence is issued.
  • The total fee for licensing an HMO is £1,295.

Further charges and discounts may apply to your application. For more details, visit our HMO licensing fees and periods page.

Licence requirements

By holding a licence, you will need to comply with licensing conditions which will ensure the home you let out is properly managed and meets acceptable standards.

The licence holder must be a fit and proper person.

If you hold mandatory licence you will need to renew your licence at the end of the licence period.

If you hold an additional licence you will need to renew your licence if the licence period expires before 30 April 2024.