Do I need an HMO licence?

Part of: House in multiple occupation (HMO) licensing

If you have a house in multiple occupation (HMO) that requires a licence but you fail to make an application, you are committing an offence that carries a possible unlimited fine upon conviction. Alternatively, the council can issue a civil penalty up to a maximum of £30,000.

You need a licence for a HMO if it meets the following criteria.

Mandatory HMO licence

An HMO needs a mandatory HMO licence if it is occupied by 5 or more people, unless it is:

  • a Section 257 HMO, ie a building converted into self-contained flats where the works of conversion do not comply with the Building Regulations 1991 or subsequent regulations in force at the time of conversion (or which has not been retrospectively upgraded to comply) and where less than two-thirds of the flats are owner-occupied
  • a purpose-built flat situated in a block made up of 3 or more self-contained flats

The number of people includes everyone whatever their age, including babies and children.

Additional HMO licence

You need an additional licence if you have an HMO property in Haringey.

On 12 March 2024, we designated the whole borough to be subject to a new additional HMO licensing. This means all HMOs in the borough now require a licence to legally be let. This means any HMO, including Section 257 HMOs, will require licensing under the additional HMO licensing scheme.

Read the public notice of designation for additional licensing.


You can apply for a 3-month temporary exemption notice (TEN) if:

  • the property is in the process of being sold
  • the owner has given the tenants notice and the property will be sold
  • the owner is moving into the property and it will only be occupied by the owner and their family (if any) and no more than two tenants
  • the property is in the process of being converted into studios/flats or commercial premises with planning and building control approvals
  • the licence holder has died and the property is subject to probate

When applying for a TEN, please include any evidence in support of the application. The council are not obliged to issue a TEN and the application may be refused.

Please contact us if you want to apply for a TEN.

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