HMO licensing fees and licence periods

Part of: House in multiple occupation (HMO) licensing

Licence fees are split based on the licensing process and procedure into:

  • part A – licensing process taken at the point of application
  • part B – inspection/compliance checking taken when the licence is issued.


HMOs outside of the mandatory licensing scheme

Licensing fee for a 5-year licence:

  • Total £1,295
    • Part A: £558.50
    • Part B: £706.50

Other fees

Additional fees include:

  • paper applications: Part A: £100
  • application refused by the council: No refund of part A fee
  • revocation of licence: No refund of part A or B
  • application to licence following revocation of licence: Full application fee
  • application withdrawn by the applicant part A: No refund

Any property which has over 10 units within its dwelling will be charged an additional £50 per unit (part A).

The licensing fee for a property will be capped regardless of the number of units (part A and part B fees together) at £6,000.


If you are a member of a landlord accreditation scheme, you can get a discount of £50 for part A. You must provide a valid membership number and certificate.

Licence periods

Generally, HMO licences are granted for 5 years.

However, the licence period may be reduced in certain circumstances.

Reasons why the period of an HMO licence may be reduced

Reason Maximum possible reduction
Failure to comply with previous HMO licence conditions (where applicable) 2 years
Failure to comply with planning requirements 1 year
Council tax payments not up-to-date 2 years
Failure to comply with HMO management regulations 1 year
History of substantiated complaints in respect of the property 1 year
Failure to apply voluntarily for licence 3 years

Other factors that may be taken into account include:

  • non-compliance with building regulations
  • failure to provide up-to-date certificates on time (for previous licences)
  • no provision of written tenancy or licence agreements
  • existence of significant hazards within the dwelling