Apply for or renew an essential service vehicle-specific permit

Part of: Essential service worker parking permits

What you need 

You must upload or post the following: 

  • letter saying how your vehicle is essential to the service you provide – this must be on letterhead showing your business address and signed by your manager or deputy 
  • a copy of the insurance certificate showing the vehicle is insured for work use 
  • vehicle log book (V5C) in the business name – if the log book is not in the business name, a statement on company headed paper and signed by the company secretary 
  • proof of the business address, either a copy of your: 
    • business rates 
    • vehicle log book (V5C) in the business name 
    • hire agreement for company vehicle 


  1. Log in to your parking account or set up a parking account. If setting up a new account: 
  2. Haringey Council staff select ‘LBH essential service’ as your ‘Customer type’  
  3. Everyone else select ‘Essential services’ as your ‘Customer type’  
  4. Select ‘Your permits’ and ‘See permits you can apply for (not visitor permits)’.  
  5. Click ‘Apply’ for ‘Essential Service - All Zones, Vehicle Specific ‘.  
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.   
  7. Enter your vehicle registration, click ‘Find vehicle’, then click ‘Add vehicle’.  
  8. Enter the date you want the permit to start.   
  9. You’ll see the cost of your permit.  
  10. Upload your documents or tick the ‘Send in post’ box.   
  11. Pay for your permit.   


Your permit lasts for a year. You’ll get an email 5 weeks before your permit ends asking you to renew your permit.  

To renew your permit: 

  1. Log in to your parking account.   
  2. Under ‘Your permits’ click ‘View your permits’.  
  3. Click ‘Renew’ for the permit you want to renew.  
  4. Confirm your details.  
  5. Leave the renewal start date as it is. Your new permit will start when your current permit ends.  
  6. Upload your proof documents.  
  7. Review your permits details and pay for your permit renewal. 

After applying or renewing

After applying for or renewing your permit, you’ll get an email letting you know we’re processing your application.    

Processing your application takes up to 5 working days.  

If your new application's approved, you can use your permit right away.  

If your permit is not approved, we’ll let you know why and if we need more information. 

Terms and conditions 

Read the terms and conditions for parking permits.