Types of rubbish and recycling bin

Types of household and communal bins or sacks available in Haringey and what to put in them.

Non-recyclable/general waste bins

In your non-recyclable/general waste bin you can put:

  • clingfilm
  • cellophane
  • crisp packets
  • sanitary products
  • polystyrene
  • broken glass — carefully wrapped
  • dog poo and cat litter
  • nappies — non-reusable

If yours is lost, broken or you need a new one, you can order a new bin.

Household non-recyclable/general waste bin

Black wheelie bins are for household use.

A black wheelie bin with a black lid.

Communal non-recyclable/general waste bin

Large silver wheelie bins are for shared use with other households.

Man putting a black waste sack in a large silver wheelie bin with a black lid.

Recycling and waste guides

You can download our guide to recycling and waste .

If you live on an estate or in a block of flats, you can download our guide for communal bins .