On-street non-recyclable/general waste boxes

Part of: Types of rubbish and recycling bin

If you live above a shop you may have a communal waste box to throw your rubbish sacks in. This is so busy streets can be kept clean of rubbish.

Before a bin is installed you will get a letter telling you about the plans. When the bin is in place you must make sure your rubbish is tied up in bags and always goes in this box.

Fines can be issued for anyone:

  • not using this bin if they should be
  • who is using the bin when they should not be (with the exception of our street sweepers who will use the bin for rubbish they have collected)

Contact the Veolia waste team for more information.

Types of boxes

There are two types of boxes.

MetroStor bin 

A large black box with a letter box type opening.

Large black box communal bin on the pavement of a high street.


Drop box

A smaller black box with a lid

A low black box with slanted lid on the pavement of a Haringey street.


Contact Veolia (waste team)