Submit a petition: step by step

How to submit a petition about a council matter in Haringey.

If a group of residents are concerned about a council service or decision that is about to be made, you can send us a petition. Your petition should be about a council matter that affects Haringey.

Step by step navigation

  1. Who can petition us

    Who can send us a petition. 

  2. Information you need to provide

    The format your petition should take. 

  3. Submit your petition

    How to submit your petition to us.

  4. Submit your petition to Full Council

    You can also submit your petition to Full Council. Petitions with more than 2,200 signatures will trigger a debate by the Full Council.

  5. After you have submitted your petition

    What happens after you submit your petition, including how we will respond.

  6. Circumstances where your petition may be rejected

    Circumstances where we will not accept your petition.

  7. Appeal a decision

    How to appeal a decision against your petition.