After you have submitted your petition

What happens after you submit your petition, including how we will respond.

Once the petition has been submitted to us it will be referred to the appropriate service for consideration.

Where contact details have been supplied, an acknowledgement will be sent to the petition organiser within 10 working days of receiving the petition. It will let them know what we plan to do with the petition and when they can expect to hear from us again.

How we will respond

Our response to a petition will depend on what a petition asks for and how many people have signed it. It could, however, include:

  • a letter explaining our position on the matter
  • consideration of the issue at a meeting of the council
  • commissioning research

If the petition is about something over which we have no direct control (for example the local railway or hospital) we will consider making representations on behalf of the community to the relevant body.

We work with a large number of local partners and where possible will work with them to respond to your petition. This could include: