Council Tax disabled band reductions

Part of: Council Tax discounts, reductions and exemptions

A disabled band reduction means that your Council Tax banding rate is reduced if you meet certain criteria.

When a disabled band reduction is applied

A disabled band reduction may apply if a property is the main residence of a disabled person and the property has either:

  • a room, other than a bathroom, toilet or kitchen, which is predominantly used by and required to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • an additional bathroom or kitchen required to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • enough floor space for the use of a wheelchair required to meet the needs of the disabled person

The disabled person does not have to be liable to pay Council Tax and may be of any age. 

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How we define a disabled person

For the purposes of this reduction, a disabled person means a person who is substantially and permanently disabled caused by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise.

How we apply the reduction

If you are eligible, we'll reduce the amount you pay to that of a band lower than your property.

For example:

  • if your property is in band D you will be charged the band C rate
  • if your property is in the lowest band A, you will still receive a reduction 

Please note that an enquiry officer may be required to visit your property to assess your eligibility before any reduction is awarded.

Adaptions that do not qualify

Please note the following adaptions or uses alone do not qualify for a disabled band reduction:

  • stair lifts
  • additional rails inside or outside the property
  • using a zimmer frame indoors
  • possession of a disabled parking permit