Council Tax exemptions for occupied properties

Part of: Council Tax discounts, reductions and exemptions

You are not liable for Council Tax if the property is:

Other situations where your household is exempt

If any of these situations apply to your household, you are also exempt from paying. To apply, there is certain evidence you will need to provide with your application. 

Under 18s

If the property is occupied only by under 18s, please provide the names and dates of births of all residents.

Diplomatic immunity 

If the property is occupied as the main residence of a person with diplomatic immunity or privileges, please upload a letter from the embassy detailing your diplomatic status. 

Visiting forces

If the property is occupied by members of visiting forces, please provide a letter detailing your armed forces status.

Self-contained units

If the property is a self-contained unit that forms part of a larger property and the occupier is a dependant relative of the person living in the other part of the property, please confirm:

  • the relationship between the occupier of the annexe and the larger property
  • that the resident of the annex is over 65 years old or is permanently disabled or severely mentally disabled

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