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Tell us you're moving into Haringey.

Moving into Haringey

If you're moving into a property in Haringey, you must register at your new address for Council Tax.

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What we need to know

To register for Council Tax we need to know:

  • the names of everyone living in the property aged 18 and over
  • your new address
  • whether you own or rent
  • your move in date
  • the start date of your tenancy or the date you bought the property

Discounts, reductions and exemptions

If you're the only person living in the property, you can also use the form to tell us you want to apply for a 25% single person discount. 

Find out about all other discounts, reductions and exemptions.

Other things to think of when you're moving

If you're moving home you can also:

Contact customer services: Council Tax